Council of Churches in Africa in collaboration with the Emmanuel University of Theology lnternational is holding a graduation ceremony at the Large City Hall in Bulawayo today.

Meanwhile, a number of Bible students are expected to be capped in various theological fields.

Apparently, the Council of Churches in Africa is an affiliate of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

Today the Africa region of the WCC is comprised mostly of the countries south and east of the Sahara and the islands in the Indian Ocean. Egypt is part of the Middle East region (but the Egyptian churches are members of the AACC).

There is only one WCC member church in the Maghreb (Algeria) and since 2005 also one in the Sahel area (Burkina Faso). Currently the WCC has 94 member churches in Africa with a total membership of over 165 million Christians.

National councils of churches or Christian councils or similar bodies exist in most of the countries. In several of these the local Catholic Church is a full or associate member.

Over the past two decades four sub-regional fellowships of councils and churches have been formed which cover Southern Africa, the Great Lakes region and the Horn of Africa, West Africa and Central Africa. There are also national evangelical alliances or fellowships in most African countries.