Temba Mliswa, the Independent legislator for Norton, has called on church leaders to be truthful with President Emmerson Mnangagwa regarding the state of public affairs instead of providing misleading information.

In a recent interview with ZiFM stereo, Mliswa emphasized that church leaders have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with the president and should use this access to convey the reality of the people’s suffering for the betterment of communities. He urged them not to paint a false picture to the president, as the masses are enduring significant hardships.

Mliswa made these remarks while attending a ZANU PF rally in Norton. Although he wore ZANU PF regalia, he was later ejected by party supporters who accused him of criticizing the president.

Following the incident, Mliswa took to Twitter to call upon the police to act swiftly and impartially when dealing with acts of violence committed by ZANU PF officials. He recounted being manhandled at the rally and emphasized the need for fair treatment and justice.

He also expressed concern about the potential consequences of resorting to violence, citing the events of the 2008 elections when some ZANU PF members’ homes were burnt in retaliation, prompting then-President Mugabe to call for peace. Mliswa stressed the importance of avoiding a return to such violence and division among the people, emphasizing that they all remain neighbors and should seek a peaceful resolution to any issues after elections.