Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and opposition MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora have found themselves at odds over Chin’ono’s recent call for Zimbabwean youths to seek opportunities abroad.

Chin’ono characterized Zimbabwe as a “mafia” and “failed state,” citing rampant corruption and inadequate service delivery as reasons for his advice for youths to leave the country in search of better prospects elsewhere.

Responding to Chin’ono’s proposition, Mwonzora expressed strong opposition, advocating for internal reform to address the underlying issues rather than encouraging emigration.

The clash between Chin’ono and Mwonzora highlights the deep divisions and frustrations within Zimbabwean society regarding how to tackle the country’s socio-economic and political challenges. While some support the idea of seeking opportunities abroad as a means of escaping hardship, others argue for staying and demanding accountability from the government.

As Zimbabwe continues to grapple with economic difficulties, political instability, and social unrest, the debate over whether to stay or leave remains a contentious issue among its citizens.

Whether through internal reform efforts or external migration, the desire for a brighter future remains a central concern for Zimbabweans, shaping the nation’s discourse and direction in the years ahead.