Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly booted out a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) security aide, Steven Tserayi, who was yesterday linked to Henrietta Rushwaya over trying to smuggle 6.09kg of gold to Dubai, a senior intelligence official has confirmed.

Meanwhile, commenting on the firing of Tserayi, former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says it is just a cover up, as police did not mention his involvement during Rushwaya’s arrest.

“A clumsy cover up. Like Henrietta Rushwaya, Tserayi is a key cog in Mnangagwa’s gold smuggling machine which predates his State House grab.

“Yesterday when I challenged Police Zimbabwe over their cover up of Tserayi’s part in Rushwaya’s 6kg gold heist, state pundits cried foul!”

It is believed Tserayi had accompanied Rushwaya to the airport at the grace of the top office in the land to ensure security of the loot and help to facilitate easy passage.