Tatenda Gumbo (31) of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) is paying RTGS$75 maintenance for a child, an amount that can buy exactly one loaf of bread.

Soldiers are among the highest paid Government workers in Zimbabwe under the new dispensation of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Appearing at Mberengwa Magistrates Court recently, Gumbo offered a review to RTGS$400 against his estranged wife Esther Zhou’s (27) demand for RTGS$4 000.

Zhou of Shauro Village, Grispan, Mberengwa said the variation of the maintenance was last done in 2015. The child is now doing Grade 7.

Magistrate Evia Matura delayed her ruling because Gumbo is not providing his pay slip

Magistrate Matura also granted Zhou a peace order against Gumbo who has been harassing and threatening to kill her. -Mavingo Mirror