“If you play nicely with me, I’ll post a video,” was one of Zimbabwe’s top raunchy dancer’s, Beverly Sibanda’s entry posts after she joined popular social networking site, Twitter, a few days ago.

Bev, who like all other Zimbabweans is on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is claiming lives, has been quite active on social media of late, engaging with her followers, most who likely miss seeing her stripteases.

After joining Instagram in 2017, Bev is now on Twitter where she is promising to wreak havoc with her seductive posts, only if her followers are nice to her.

For now, she has just fired warning shots with a Terrific Tuesday picture and promised to dish out videos.

But, seemingly knowing how rough the Twitter streets are, Bev quickly pleaded with people to be nice to her as she is still a newbie.

“Makadii ko Twitter. Tisvikewo pano. Please be nice, I’m new here. Follow me, I will follow back,” tweeted Bev on Monday.

So far, she has so amassed over 1 000 followers.