Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe dying soon; Nigerian prophet

Mugabe death rumours is now sounding like robin hood stories as Zimbabweans are now accustomed and even bored by these stories that usually don’t make sense.

If you believe in the so called prophets then keep reading.

A Lagos based prophet going by the name Austin Moses has put his name in the never ending Mugabe death stories after openly and boldly declaring that Zimbabwe’s 92 year old leader will not live beyond 2017.

Thus giving him only 1 year and a couple of months to live.

Whether this makes sense or not does not matter given that Mugabe is now of advanced age and anyone can make a near accurate death prophecy in the next 2 to 7 years.

Prophet Moses told his followers that a  message he received from above showed that a big tree in Zimbabwe(believed to be President Mugabe) will fall any time between 2015 and end of 2017 and he saw Zimbabweans based outside the country returning to rebuild the country.

Prophet Moses said God was not happy about the way Mugabe run the country to a point where nationals flee out of the country because of his misrule indicating that ‘like the blood of Abel crying in the wilderness,’ many Zimbabweans were killed and tortured under Mugabe’s administration just for power and God now wants to restore people’s  joy by taking Mugabe from the living.

Moses concluded his prophecy with a message to Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

He told him to be ready to lead the country as he has been destined to rule after Mugabe’s departure from earth.