Mugabe off to Lesotho, Tunisia and Dubai

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe has left Zimbabwe for the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho where he will take part in the country’s golden jubilee independence celebration(50 years anniversary).

Mugabe was seen off at Harare International Airport by several government officials.

From Lesotho, Mugabe will take the usual long way back to Harare via Tunisia and Dubai for reasons we will disclose soon.

Overseas travel plans can however change as he is supposed to be officiating on Thursday when Parliament opens.

Mugabe is accompanied by his first aiders and several medical specialists who are now a permanent part of his travel entourage.

Mugabe must be a relieved man to be invited after Botswana’s Ian Khama invited him only to make a last minute U-turn and ask him not to travel to the neighbouring country’s 50th independence anniversary last week.