Photos have been posted showing the moment a police officer by the name Tapera was knocked down and run over by a driver who refused to stop at a roadblock.

According to eye witnesses the accident happened today in Chitungwiza near Harare.

From the pictures seen, the cop was knocked to the ground and bleeding from his head.

Details of his situation will be updated here as soon as we get them.

According to a source who could not be verified, the officer tried to stop a car but the driver did not follow instruction resulting in the situationzrp-police-killed-by-car-accident zrp-police-killed-by-car-accident-jpegin-zim zrp-police-killed-by-car-accident-nin-zim-today zrp-police-killed-by-car-accident-runover-at-roadblock leading to the terrible accident…..Details follow