The matter of economic restrictive measures imposed on Zimbabwe remains a hot issue in Africa with a motion to lift the illegal sanctions being moved and adopted by the Pan African Parliament (PAP).

The motion, which was moved by Alhadji Mbow of Gambia stirred a heated debate during the fifth sitting of the first Ordinary session of the sixth Pan African Parliament (PAP) in Midrand, South Africa this Tuesday.

Members of the PAP representing various African countries like Morocco, DRC, Ghana, Uganda and Namibia called out the United States and it’s Western allies saying the unilateral sanctions have grave and untenable impact on ordinary citizens.

The motion was adopted with an agreement for PAP to send a delegation to the European Union and United States to lobby for the lifting of the illegal embargo which has cost the country in excess of US$40 billion over two decades.

Some of the participants called for the confiscation of Western countries’ assets which are in African countries, until they remove sanctions.

One such person is PAP member Dr Mathole Motshekga who called for nationalisation of assets of Western Countries that have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

He says the sanctions have led to xenophobia between South Africans and Zimbabweans.