Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) officials have been forced to escape through a back exit at the Media Centre in Harare, where they were addressing journalists, NewZimbabwe reports.

This is after ZANU PF youths invaded and barricaded the venue, while some camped its main exit.

The officials who include party spokesperson Fadzai Mahere, secretary for elections Ian Makone and his deputy Ellen Shiriyedenga had to be escorted out by the party’s security team into an alley behind Herald House from where they escaped into the central business district (CBD).

Zanu PF youths had earlier forced their way into the media centre where they forcibly took a CCC branded banner in a bid to stop the press conference on the opposition party’s stance regards next year’s general elections.

As reported by NewZimbabwe, some of the youths were identified as Zanu PF national committee members but could not be interviewed to explain their actions for personal security reasons.

The whole melee occurred while armed anti-riot police officers stood with none showing intention to stop it.

Journalists in attendance had to wait for the tension to subside before leaving the centre while others followed CCC officials through its back exit.