A court seating is currently in session in which an application filed in 2020 by @zcieazim, Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) and Constantine Chaza is being heard.

The matter is challenging the state-run ZUPCO monopoly & some restrictions on informal traders by government and is being heard before Justice Owen Tagu.

The applicants represented by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights say the national lockdown regulations violate their clients’ constitutional rights to freedom of profession, trade or occupation enshrined in section 64 of the Constitution.

The setting down afresh of the hearing of the application came after Supreme Court Judges in March 2021 faulted Justice Mary Zimba-Dube for misdirecting herself when she dismissed the same matter.

The applicants also argued that the ban created an unlawful monopoly for ZUPCO and they want some registered transport operators & other operators to be allowed to ferry passengers.

Private transport operators were forced to join the ZUPCO franchise, a process they say is marred by corruption.