The relatively economic Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) buses and commuter omnibuses had their fares hiked by 100% on Monday this week.

The increase applies to urban routes.
The development will see passengers forking out $2 from the previous $1 for a trip on ZUPCO buses while those who use the ZUPCO combis will have to part ways with $4, twice the previous fare pegged at $2.
According to ZUPCO Chief Executive Officer Everisto Madangwa, the review of fares was necessitated by the high operational costs which the company has been facing. Madangwa told state media that, in a bid to buy fuel and meet other logistical requirements, the 100% increase ‘was necessary and inevitable’.
However, the dramatic increase appeared to have caught most commuters unaware as some hinted that the company should find effective ways of communicating fare increases in advance. According to a commuter who spoke to the state-owned Chronicle, they only got to learn about the new fare increases on social media.

However, the increases are still reasonable and much lower than private commuter operators in a country typified by wanton price increases caused by an impotent local currency.

State Media