Police have arrested Campion Marowa (35) in connection with a murder case of a female ZUPCO bus conductor, Joyce Kazhumba, who was shot dead on Monday.

ZRP confirmed the arrest of the suspect, Tuesday evening.

The suspect was arrested at Kadada Shops in Dzivarasekwa, Harare on Monday night for the murder of Joyce.

Marowa was found with a 38 Astra Revolver and 2×38 spent cartridges.

Said the police:

“Reference to our previous message on a murder case which occurred on September 13, 2021 at Kadada Shops, Dzivarasekwa, Harare.

“Police confirms the arrest of Campion Marowa (35) in connection with the case and recovered a 38 Astra Revolver and 2×38 spent cartridges.

Joy’s uncle, Joel Tazviwana, told reporters that his niece was shot after she allegedly fought back and refused to let go of the money she had on her.

Tazviwana said the bus driver told him that the suspect tried to snatch Joyce’s handbag which contained the day’s takings. This happened when she was disembarking from the bus. Joyce, however, resisted and fought back to protect her bag. Unfortunately, the suspect responded drastically by pulling his firearm and shooting her in the head.

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Campion Marowa