ZRP legalises corruption via backdoor; Gweru-shurugwi police the most guilty

augustine chihuri

Corruption in Zimbabwean society has become rampant to the extent that one might argue that our government has legalised it.

Taking cognisance to what is transpiring around Shurugwi and Gweru road blocks, surely corruption is now legal.

In the mining town of Shurugwi motorist now have an unorthodox memorandum of understanding with the police; there is now in place a weekly $US10 bribe deal.

It is now a common norm that every motorists who operates in Shurugwi’s Wanderer -Railway block road should pay $US10 to the police in order to carry out their transport business for the whole week.

A Shurugwi motorist who declined to be named told this reporter that, “the whole police force in Shurugwi is now corrupt to the core, even Shurugwi police station’s officer in charge Mrs Goremusandu is allegedly benefiting from the weekly $10 deals.”

Gweru police officers have also come up with a new law that dismisses corruption from the statutory books; corruption is now a way of survival than a criminal offence.

“Any crime that one commits in the city of progress can be covered up by the amount of money a person has, police stations like Senga and Mutapa have become giant cartels of receiving bribes with almost half of the officers at these stations buying ex-Japanese cars,” said a resident who identified himself as Munakandafa.

“Traffic police in the so-called City of progress have fixed their bribe prices at $US5 for small cars and $US10 for huge commuter omnibuses,” fumed Munakandafa.

One wonders and ponders if the country has an Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) or the ACC guys are receiving bribes also.

If the law enforcers are corrupt who will stop corruption, no one, corruption has been legalised via back door in Zimbabwe.