Political Reporter

The major problem that is bewildering Zimbabwe politics today has been that of egocentric political personalities, whose heads are bigger than their bodies.

Over the years, ZANU PF bigwigs have been hero worshiping and taking turns to bootlick their leader and state President, Robert Mugabe, even when they can notice that he is offside, some going as far as saying he was ‘Cremora’ high quality powder milk.

According to MDC-T’s top official, who is also a lawyer, Obert Gutu personal aggrandisement by political leaders is a problem that has eroded the country’s economic and social development. He believes whenever politicians are allowed to grow bigger than the nation itself, then trouble follows.

He says the major task to be attended to in the event of a new Zimbabwe is to build strong institutions as opposed to building strong personalities, one element that has stalled development of Zimbabwe.

“There is so much hate and malice amongst some Zimbabwean political actors. Let us focus on issues and not personalities,” he said through twitter yesterday.

His comments that personalities worshiping had done harm to Zimbabwe, have been echoed for ages at many for a, even ZANU PF itself had been singing this same tune, accusing the country’s opposition of being such.

Commenting on the envisaged grand coalition by opposition parties, Mugabe recently mocked possible unity of opposition parties, termed them a confused lot, who are always prone to splits, amid internal fights over posts.

While burying a national hero yesterday, Mugabe even warned his party leaders and members against personal aggrandisement, and developing big egos than the party, urged them to be humble and satisfied with current positions.

He is on record, that the project is set to fail because of the egocentric tendencies within its leaders. He has said the biggest undoing of the coalition would be that they will be jostling for posts among them, even before they win it.

Learnmore Zuze, a law officer once wrote; “The unfortunate reality that stalwarts in the opposition cannot sustain support for a single leader long enough to witness change.”

He believes if Tendai Biti, Elton Mangoma, Welshman Ncube, and others had stayed put within the party with Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC would have been stronger than it is today, and that the political landscape could have changed for the better by now.

He says opposition should take a cue from ZANU PF, despite having internal fights, the ruling party rallies behind one leader, and call out one name for presidential elections.