Thirty-four-year-old Felix Tagonera of Hatcliffe Extension, Harare, found himself in hot water recently when he was apprehended for impersonation. His initial court appearance at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts saw him charged with the offense. The magistrate granted him bail set at US$100, scheduling his trial to commence on May 13.

This incident echoes a similar case from last year involving South African TikTok influencer, Dr. Matthew Lani. Lani, known for posting medical advice videos and staging scenes at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, was exposed as a fraud.

The latest impersonation saga unfolded at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Zimbabwe’s largest referral hospital. On April 15, Felix Tagonera, sporting a stethoscope and professional attire, attempted to blend in with the hospital staff. However, his suspicious behavior caught the attention of alert hospital personnel, including Julia Shambare and Alexander Munera, who promptly alerted authorities.

Upon investigation, police discovered incriminating evidence on Tagonera, including business cards falsely identifying him as a gynecologist and a photocopy of someone else’s certificate. He was promptly detained and brought before the court to face the consequences of his actions.