An incident erupted at a shopping center outside Harare when touts, anticipating generosity from Zanu PF-linked businessman Wicknell Chivayo, cheered him on, prompting a clash with his security team.

Chivayo, who recently made headlines for gifting luxury cars to musicians and individuals he deemed supportive of Zanu PF during the 2023 elections, found himself surrounded by fans eager for his attention.

As the crowd pressed closer, seeking financial favors in line with Chivayo’s newfound reputation for lavish generosity, tensions rose. Despite efforts by his security detail to maintain order, the situation escalated, leading to confrontations and disturbances.

Reportedly, Chivayo’s bodyguards, frustrated by the persistent demands, resorted to physical force against the crowd, resulting in a chaotic scene. The incident has drawn attention and raised questions about Chivayo’s sources of wealth and the implications of his public persona.

The Standard