Raj Modi, who is Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister for Industry and Commerce is reportedly stuck in Australia where he had gone on a personal trip after airlines in that country halted flights due to the Covid19 lockdown, and has been itching to return back home to resume his duties.

Modi was quoted in one state-owned weekly publication expressing frustration over the lockdown in Australia which has prevented him from travelling back to Zimbabwe.

“My biggest frustration is that I am failing to do my job as a Deputy Minister. It’s all hands on the deck and I am not there to help. Of all the things that are on my mind it is that I feel helpless but I am optimistic that sooner rather than later I will get a flight home. As soon as flights resume, I will come home. I also miss my constituency. Bulawayo South is where I started my business, it is my home and the people are my family. I owe them and I miss them a lot. We have unfinished business and me being away has put everything on hold,” Modi said.

Despite his family being resident in Australia, Modi said Zimbabwe is ‘my home’ while adding that he misses his business empire in the southern African nation.

He however described the situation as ‘a blessing in disguise as this has seen him spending more time with his family which is based in that country.

“The upside of all this is that I have spent more time with my family than I have in a long time. So this curse is also a blessing if you look at it from another angle. But I want to come home and work for our people and help our Government fix the problems bedevilling the country,” he said.

state media
Additional Reporting: Zwnews