Historymaking South Africa-based Zimbabwe’s Amapiyano star and BET winner, Sha Sha, has said that she does not want a congratulatory message from the ruling Zanu PF, late president Robert Mugabe’s controversial son Chatunga Bellarmine, has claimed.

Chatunga, who claimed to have spoken to Sha Sha said the 26-year old revealed that she does not want to be congratulated by the ruling party.

“Important notice (just) spoke to SHA SHA hanzi I (don’t) want a congratulatory message from Zanu PF nevatsigiri vayo so hanzi Chill (Sha Sha said she doesn’t want a congratulatory message from Zanu PF),” said Chatunga in comments posted on his Twitter handle Monday afternoon.

At the time of publishing, Zanu PF were yet to publicise an official congratulatory message to Sha Sha who became the first Zimbabwean to win the prestigious BET award.

Sha Sha made history by becoming the first Zimbabwean to win a gong from the revered Black Entertainment Television after she bagged the BET Viewer’s Choice in the Best New International Act Award.

Although Sha Sha could not immediately comment on Chatunga’s claims, it remains to be seen if there is any grain of truth in the sentiments of the former ‘First Son’.

Sha Sha won the award ahead of Rema from Nigeria, Celeste from the United Kingdom, Young T and Bugsey from the United Kingdom, and the French pair of Hatik and Stacy.


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