A Zimbabwean has been attacked, killed and partly eaten by a crocodile in Beitbridge while trying to cross the crocodile-infested Limpopo River. Zimbabweans cross to and from SA daily to make a living. 
Reporting on the incident, NewsHawks wrote:
Our Beitbridge correspondent has sent in a message from a source, saying their cousin was also attacked and eaten by a crocodile on 5 January 2021. “Bomama ngilenkinga umzala sedliwe yingwenya emanzini eLimpopo, kodwa bengikhuluma laye izolo ekuseni (translation follows below). Translation of the Ndebele part of the above tweet: (Ladies, I have got a problem, my cousin was devoured by a crocodile at the Limpopo River; was speaking to him only yesterday morning). “Bathole ikhando lakhe lodwa ngaphandle kwamanzi, qaphelani, lingachaphi umfula lo ngaphansi bakithi (They only found his head on the river bank, beware don’t cross this river – Limpopo – downstream, it’s dangerous.)

The partly eaten body of a suspected border jumper was recently discovered in the shallow water of the Limpopo River.

The victim’s name and age have not been made public yet.