CLERIC and adviser to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), Shingi Munyeza, says Zimbabweans should take charge in determining their future and stop outsourcing their destiny to corrupt and incompetent leadership.

In his weekly sermon broadcast yesterday, Munyeza said evil had been allowed to flourish in Zimbabwe and in Africa because “good men and women” have chosen to say and do nothing.

“The real people who are supposed to be in authority don’t end up being there,” he said.

“We have men and women who have risen to the place of power without the anointing without the mandate that God has given, that people have given, without the mandate that was given generationally that they should be where they are.”

Munyeza has been critical of Mnangagwa’s government, accusing it of corruption and engaging in human rights abuse.

He added: “They have taken advantage of what was going on, they have taken advantage of a vacuum that was created and they took power.

“If you look at the transition in Zimbabwe and in Africa as a whole, the reason why we don’t end up with the right people on the throne is because of fear and poverty.

“How did we end up with corrupt, brutal and incapable people leading us in this era in our country?

“It is because a few good men cow away, they preserve themselves and say politics is too dirty and run away from the palace, from the arena where the politics is supposed to be played.”

Munyeza said politics was about people’s lives and must not be left in the hands of a cruel few.

“Now we have brutal men and women, incompetent men and women, we have incapable men and women who occupy that same place or the vacuum that has been left,” he said.

“We need politics in good hands and the good men must not do nothing and allow evil to flourish,” he added.