The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced a hike in Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) prices for March 2022.

Announcing the prices in a public notice this Monday, ZERA set the price of LP gas at US$2.07 and ZWL$268.11 per kilogramme.

In February, the retail price of LP gas was US$2.03 and ZWL$234.15 per kilogramme.

This means that in March, consumers will pay US$0.04 and ZWL$33.96 more per kilogramme of LP gas respectively.

“Operators are advised to display the prices at their retail outlets at a prominent place in clearly legible letters. Please note that it is permissible to sell LPG at prices below the prescribed prices depending on one’s trading advantages,” partly reads the ZERA statement.

On Friday, ZERA also announced an increase in the price of petrol and diesel.

The energy regulator increased the price of diesel to ZWL$195.99 and US$1.51 from ZWL$168.17 and US$1.44 per litre, respectively.

The price of petrol for March is now ZWL$195.72 and US$1.51 per litre, a significant increase from the February price that was capped at ZWL$169.91 and US$1.44, respectively.