A member of Zimbabwe leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), has said the southern African country is in a civil war while making a scathing attack on the ruling elite, saying ‘God wants to remove the strong men and women’ for the country to move forward.

Shingi Munyeza, who is also a cleric, posted a video footage of his hard-hitting sermon on Twitter, where he roundly castigated the country’s leaders whom he equated to ‘warlords which control resources, institutions and territories for their own benefit’.
“Zimbabwe is like in a civil war. We are like divided into all sorts of little warlord cliques: this one belongs to that one, this one belongs to that one. We’re factionalized because of these warlords and each faction is headed by a warlord,” Munyeza said.
“But, you know what? God’s time is up! That which thought it is invincible, God is gonna make sure that it is defeated. It is dismantled because God wants to dismantle the systems… There are certain things that cannot move in our country until certain people who have absolutely no holistic interest and benefit to the common good (are removed),” he said.