Zimbabwe declare state of emergency following cholera outbreak in Harare

Minister Obadiah Moyo fake degree doctorObadiah Moyo is Zimbabwe 's health minister

Community Water Alliance Alert national chairperson Hildaberta Rwambiwa issued a statement today over the cholera status in Harare.

“Glen View 5 Primary has been temporarily closed after the death of 2 kids. 20 kids at the school have been affected by cholera.

“State of emergency has been declared in Harare. We advised government to declare Harare a health disaster during our press conference held at the Media Centre on September 7,” reads the statement.

“The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to which Zimbabwe is a signatory provide for access to safe, clean and adequate water for children.

“It is pathetic that the Government of Zimbabwe has not learnt anything from the 2008/9 cholera epidemic,” she added in the statement.

The statement further blames government for a paltry health budget.

“The paltry budget allocation to water and sanitation demonstrate that there is negligence to fulfil, protect and respect the sanctity of human life, rights to health and clean safe portable water,” reads the statement.

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