I travel with my own HIV testing kit and wear a condom…Mliswa’s HIv11 evidence

Call it V11 or primary evidence

Samson Muchirahondo

Outspoken Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent) took to social media to reveal his HIV and AIDS status results amid a series of posts last week by an unidentified woman who claimed Mliswa had infected an A Level student.

Jokingly, as Zimbabweans are used they started making funny out of the picture.

“@⁨Hon TP Mliswa⁩ he is negative where are those critics and fake twitter accounts accusing him of infecting people with HIV apa V11 form raramba (V11 form have failed),” said an anonymous poster.

Another only identfied as Uncle Tee said, “At Temba being HIV negative doesn’t mean you didn’t do yeke yeke (unprotected se_x).”

Mliswa who revealed that he only does single mothers also said “I move around with my own HIV testing kit and wear a condom”.

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