vaccinated: Zim Vice President Chiwenga gets the Chinese made Covid Sinopharm

ZIMBABWE Vice President, Constantino G.D.N Chiwenga has volunteered to take the vaccine along with Frontline workers at Wilkins today. Chiwenga becomes the first person in Zimbabwe to be vaccinated at Wilkins Hospital. VP Chiwenga was first swabbed in the nose, a standard process before one receives the vaccine.

Chiwenga’s first vaccine injection shot was administered by Sister Siboniso Mulilo. The powerful VP who enjoys excellent relations and support from China might have taken the first step to assure people amidst concern that the Chinese made vaccine might not be good enough. All over the world statesmen have been taking the lead. Yesterday, South Africa’s President was also vaccinated live on TV becoming the first person to get the shot in the SADC region. Now all eyes will be on Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa who has not yet taken the injection.

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