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Zimbabwe Presidential Elections Results Latest..ZEC in V11 forms headache

HARARE: The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) has announced it is not yet sure when they will give results of the presidential election.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the last of the House of Assembly results, ZEC officer, Qhubani Moyo said, ” …by 4 p.m we will have a definite time on when we can announce the results of elections…”

A source has revealed to ZwNews that presidential votes were counted and submitted to ZEC two days ago but commissioners are struggling to tally and reconcile figures on V11 forms with the actual numbers on voters roll.

A ZEC officer refused to comment when asked by Takunda Shumba, our reporter, to confirm this issue over the phone.

In the last 24 hours, Chigumba has come under pressure to release auditable results which correlate with signed V11 forms.
The EU observers speaking in Harare yesterday demanded that Chigumba must produce V11 proof results but her colleagues said V11 forms are manually done so they need time.

Earlier today, ZEC had said it will announce the results of the presidential election at 21:00 after Western election observers urged their immediate release to avoid further tensions but it appears results may not come out after commissioners said the process is difficult and protracted.



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