Zimbabwean millionaire businessman Frank Buyanga has reportedly fallen ill while being held in a South African prison since November of last year. Buyanga claims he has been denied access to private doctors. He was arrested through Interpol at the request of Zimbabwean authorities who have charged him with alleged kidnapping of his juvenile son. The custody of the child has been the subject of a contentious legal battle between Buyanga and his former girlfriend, Chantel Muteswa, who is also the child’s mother.

Buyanga had been granted custody of the child by the courts when he left Zimbabwe, in a landmark ruling that granted equal access to couples with children born out of wedlock. However, after his arrest in South Africa, Buyanga was initially denied bail, but later won on appeal. Before he could be released, he was slapped with additional charges, including immigration fraud, defeating the ends of justice, violating the administration of justice, and contravening the Immigration Act. Three more charges were added upon his refusal to enter a plea, and he has since been detained at Sun City Prison.

In a statement released by Buyanga’s Hamilton Foundation over the weekend, they claimed that his continued detention was vindictive and accused Zimbabwean authorities of targeting him for political reasons. They also alleged that South African authorities were involved in attempts to undermine him due to his filing of a ZAR600 million claim against the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

The statement further highlighted that the issue at the heart of Buyanga’s legal troubles was a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend that could have been resolved in the best interest of the child. The foundation cited an order issued by Judge Denise Fisher of the South Gauteng High Court in November 2021, which allowed Buyanga to be the primary caregiver for his son. They claimed that this order and the case management procedure have been undermined by the justice system.

The foundation emphasized that the child is a South African citizen, born to a naturalized South African mother and a British national who is a permanent resident of South Africa. They expressed concern that Zimbabwe is fighting to return a child who is inherently South African.

Buyanga’s Hamilton Foundation further stated that he is now sick and his health is deteriorating. They alleged that he is being denied access to his personal doctor, and that he is being prosecuted for political differences with the Zimbabwean government, which has colluded with their South African counterparts. They claimed that Buyanga has been declared an undesirable person in South Africa, despite being a reputable businessman with significant assets in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The foundation also raised concerns about the treatment of Buyanga, including the piling up of charges that do not make sense and the denial of his bail applications. They criticized the decision by police to handcuff Buyanga in front of his son, stating that it would traumatize the child for life.

In conclusion, the Hamilton Foundation expressed its belief that Buyanga’s prosecution is concocted and malicious, and called for his immediate release from prison and access to proper medical care. They also appealed for a fair and just resolution to the custody dispute involving his son.