A 38-year old Zimbabwean man who murdered his own father in cold blood after accusing him of witchcraft will spend the next 30 years behind bars after he was convicted for murder by a High Court Judge.

In 2019, the convicted murderer Elliot Rewu of Manomano Village in Murehwa, Mashonaland East Province, fatally attacked his 80-year old father using an axe, as he accused him of being responsible for his misfortunes in life.

The court also heard that on the fateful day three years ago, Rewu’s father had intended to visit the courts of law to seek a protection order against his abusive son who was in the habit of coming home drunk and accusing him witchcraft.

High Court judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi said, in sentencing him that Rewu deserved a death sentence.

As NewZimbabwe reported, Justice Chitapi pardoned Rewu for the sake of his mother.

Said Justice Chitapi:

“Instead of being an asset to the family as the first born, Rewu terrorised his parents to a point where he would beat up both of them, forcing them to consult prophets and n’angas because of his own beliefs and not their beliefs”.

He also added saying:

“The case before the court is a difficult one for the court to consider what the appropriate sentence should be … if the court imposes a death penalty, Rewu’s death will add to the family tragedy”.

While testifying before the courts, the convicted murderer’s mother said prior to the ghastly murder of his father, Rewu would come back home very drunk and accuse his parents of witchcraft. During that time, she said, Rewu was ‘tormenting’ them saying they should visit witchdoctors.

Because of his mother, Rewu was given the chance of reuniting with his family after completion of his 30-year prison sentence.