South Africa: A bloody thirsty mob of Zimbabweans living in Zandspruit killed a fellow countryman whom they accused of beating his wife to death.

 The unidentified man allegedly hacked his wife to death with an axe last month.
His late wife was laid to rest in Zimbabwe this past weekend.

A street committee member, who sought anonymity, told reporters that she was woken up by a group of men who reported they’d found the man who allegedly killed their countrywoman. She told the men she didn’t want involvement in the matter.

 “We told them that whatever they choose to do to the man does not concern the street committee. This is because they are all from Zimbabwe and we don’t want to meddle in how Zimbabweans choose to handle their matters.

“They wanted to kill the man in the park where our children play, but we told them not to do it there as our children will be affected. They took the man behind the park area where he died,” she explained.

The local councillor, Victor Mafinya, said the mob had found out that the suspect was hiding in Tshepisong on the West Rand. Instead of telling police, they decided to go and get him.