Yesterday we reported the death of over 14 cattle in Kadoma and Zvimba from cyanide related poisoning and there seem to a trend going on as 14 new deaths were reported at Plot Number 7 in Mutasa district.

The beasts belonged to Mr Fungai Munyama, a small scale farmer whose animals died  after grazing on pastures suspected to be contaminated by cyanide.
Mr Munyama is blaming the owners of the Gondo Gold Mining Mill, for failing to take measures to avoid the overflow of residual cyanide from the mine premises onto the pastures.

A Mr Charera who superintends over the cyanide dump accepted it is the mills’ responsibility but blamed the heavy rains for the spill over into pastures.

Soil and water samples have since been retrieved from the area for testing to establish if there was any poison in the grass.