Former ZANU-PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu says the country’s leaders have turned looters so that they can please girlfriends.

He says they plunder their loot on sex and joy.

“Zimbabwe’s main problem, who will guard the guards? small boys can’t just steal from a big organization like Cotton company, madhara edu ari mu government anoda sex ne mafaro ndosaka vachiba chaizvo,” he says.

Zivhu adds that these corrupt top government officials send subordinates to do the dirty work for them.

“… but vanotuma vaduku pabasa kuti vabe,” he says.

Apparently, critics say corruption is Zimbabwe’s major enemy that has brought the country’s economy on its knees.

However, the government is continuously blaming everything on sanctions imposed on the country.

Over the years, the government has been accused of not doing much to end corruption.