The Zimbabwean media practitioners have been challenged to uphold professionalism and remain objective.

Renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says the seemingly absence of journalists to cover Wadyajena’s court case leaves more questions than answers.

He said few days ago the internet went buzzing with stories of Wadyajena’s arrest and his court appearance, but today it seems all journalists have just gone silent.

“Dear Zimbabwean media,

“Don’t embarrass our profession by taking bribes to produce media blackouts in the US$5 million Justice Wadyajena case.

“Are you telling us there was no single journalist in court today or it is table manners, you don’t talk when you have food in the mouth?” He asks.

Wadyajena was arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission along with his colleagues who are Cottco bosses on fraud allegations.