News UPdate on Wednesday, Friday Zim Demos in Harare

More protests have been planned in Zimbabwe this week as pressure mounts on president Robert Mugabe.

Tajamuka activists are expected to to march in Harare after they received no response to their 31 August Ultimatum.

tajamuka latest demo

As reported by this paper last month; Tajamuka, a vibrant youth led protest organisation has given President Mugabe’s government a 31 August 2016 deadline to come up with a clear statement and plan as far as the country’s presidency is concerned as he should not be part of the post 2018 era.

Tajamuka leadership told our reporters that Zimbabwe youth are angry and want change ‘as soon as yesterday’.

They want answers from government.

At the top of their list, Mkwananzi said, is the Mugabe presidency.

“We are giving the government up to the 31 August 2016, for President Mugabe to either step down or indicate to the nation a timeline framework in as far as his vacation of the presidential office is concerned. And also some benchmark towards proper transition in the country,” said Mkwanazi.

Meanwhile, there is a poster circulating online asking people to do A ShutDown this Wednesday inline with the 31 August deadline.

On the other hand, Zimbabwe’s main opposition parties have promised Mugabe an avalanche of demonstrations and protests.

Speaking after last week’s deadly protests in Harare #NERA spokesperson and elder Didymus Mutasa made it clear that Zimbabwean people were tired of Mugabe’s rule and hoped that fresh elections would be held sooner than 2018.

“Street protests will continue until we vote Mugabe out of power,” Mutasa said.

Morgan Tsvangirai, MDC leader, told reporters that there is another protest march planned for Harare this week on Friday, 2nd September 2016.

Tsvangirai said they would simply notify the police of Friday’s protest because it had already been approved.
He distanced himself from the violent scenes witnessed in Harare as ‘political parties should not be held responsible for anything that happened outside their planned protest route’.

“We had a route, anything that happened outside the route, we are not accountable,” he said.