Mugabe seems to be a cornered man as rumors of rebellion within his battalions are getting louder.

Different sources stationed within Harare based army camps have confirmed that the country is on the cliff as there is now a possibility of a revolt by uniformed forces amid reports that some unpaid rank and file members joined mass protests last week in Harare demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe and his administration.

“We have families to look after, so the protests that you are seeing here setting Harare alight have involved some of us,” said a soldier on condition of anonymity.

A flight air commando from the Manyame Airbase outside Harare expressed disappointment at not receiving his salary on Friday. The officer said they were also affected by rampant corruption.

“My warning to the police is that they must stop using force against civilians, otherwise we will soon take up arms to defend the masses,” said the air force commando.

Meanwhile, bands of angry, unpaid soldiers went on a rampage in Harare last week, Friday, raiding night clubs where revellers were bludgeoned without reason or explanation.

Most revellers fled from the city centre fearing for their lives.

Douglas Mwonzora, MDC-T secretary general who is Nera’s legal affairs head said opposition parties would not be intimidated by the army.

“This shows that the system is in a fix,” Mwonzora said.


Nera has called for another protest this Friday,2 September which the union’s elder Didymus Mutasa said would be of a greater magnitude.

The protests are coming at a time when Zimbabwe’s war veterans have decided to part ways with president Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.

War vets make up 100% of the Zimbabwe  Defense Forces leadership.

In response to the crises, there are indications that a state of emergency may be declared by Mugabe ‘to neutralize protests’.