Zimbabwe government has failed to state the date at which 2017 bonuses will be paid after it announced January and February 2017 pay dates for civil servants salaries.

Workers are still waiting for their outstanding 2016 government sponsored bonuses.

Here are the pay dates for January 2017:

  1. Soldiers and Airforce of Zimbabwe employees will get their pays today on 18th January 2017.
  2. Nurses and all those employed in the health sector will be paid on Friday the 20th  of this month.
  3. Zimbabwe Republic Police and Prison Services personnel will get paid on 24th of January next week.
  4. Teachers will be paid on the 30th of January
  5. The rest of civil servants will get their money on  3rd of January.
  6. Pensioners who recently got a pay rise will get their pay on the 7th

2016 bonus dates to be announced later!