The search for the missing Malaysian Airline Flight  370 has been officially ended after nearly three years.

What has this to do with prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria?

Well..during a live  Saturday service at the TB Joshua run SCOAN church on march 15, 2014, the prophet of Nigeria revealed a prophetic message regarding the missing Malaysian plane.

This is what he said:

There is a big controversy concerning Malaysian plane, long time I said look into the deep see.

Between the sea of Indonesia and the Indian Ocean…But the whole thing is coming to an end, coming to an end in the sense that they will discover the particles(broken plane pieces).

They will discover it and everything will end(He said to loud applauses from thousands of guests including families who had lost loved ones in the disaster).

The next Sunday on March 23, 2014, TB Joshua had more details regarding the missing Malaysian plane;

This is what he said:

Last Saturday I said they should be looking into the Indian Ocean. The Thing I saw was hand of the plane(sic) floating in the sea but you don’t believe.

It doesn’t take anything from the air you can say go down here.

There were many hopes on people’s faces as they applauded Joshua for promising closure on the case of the missing plane.

However, today, authorities involved in the search announced that it’s game over.

“Despite every effort using the best science available, the search has not been able to locate the aircraft,” their statement said.

“The decision to suspend the underwater search has not been taken lightly nor without sadness,” said the joint taskforce indicating the end of the search.

For TB Joshua, he might need to make some explanations as people will wonder what he meant when he promised that the whole search is coming to an end as they will discover the missing plane soon.