ZIMBABWE President Emmerson D Mnangagwa’s wife, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has been accused of running an elaborate corruption scheme against the government. According to the damning allegations made against her, the First Lady runs a car hire company which does not own any cars at all but has huge government contracts.

The allegations were made by Freeman Chari a Zimbabwean and opposition MDC activist based in the United States who alleges that the first lady’s underhand dealings forced retired army brigadier Vela Moyo to resign last year.

The allegations come when her son, Collins Mnangagwa has been linked with a controversial company known as Drax International which supplied medical equipment to the Ministry of Health and Child Care at ridiculously exorbitant prices.

We present Chari’s full Twitter thread below.

If you dig you will find more. For example, Auxillia runs a car hire company. The company has no cars of its own. The govt forwards cars to her company from DDF etc. She then sub-lease the cars back to other govt dept & gets paid

The guy was fired because the only forex that was available was for a UNDP program involving prisons. He paid prisons. Following day, he found his office locked and he was demoted and posted to Plumtree. He resigned. I now leave this in the hands of investigative journalists.

Recent reports of corruption have triggered doubts in President Mnangagwa’s sincerity in fighting corruption in the country.

Readers reactions on social media, unedited:

1.Auxilia & @edmnangagwa  have been running #cartels in mining, health, fuel and medical supplies. ED was fingered for looting @zanupf_patriots  companies from 1980. What does the hired private jet take back when it flies back to #Dubai? What was EDs role in ZNA-DRC mining? @CIJ_ICJ

2.Let’s rewind to Nov2017, @ZANUPF_Official  declared @edmnangagwa  a criminal,leveled an array of charges against him.Most included corruption.9 /10 @ZANUPF_Official  provinces recalled him.He ran away b4 @PoliceZimbabwe  could arrest him,boarder jumping,committing yet another crime!

3.Auxilia Pvt Ltd! @edmnangagwa  na @Jamwanda2 @nickmangwana  alleged mbavha inonz Auxi colluding with state entities #angelofhope my foot @BusisaMoyo  people are not just angry they see with own eyes!

4.Kutivhara achifusha muriwo nekupa vanhu ma wheel chair kuno achiba zvake,2023 havasvike varipo ndaramba Baba, mai zvese nevana mbavha…..kurough Loooting corrupt family, they are all cut from the same cloth.