Zimbabwe public hospital doctors and nurses are set to enrol at the Hebert Chitepo School of Ideology which was mainly opened to teach citizens as well as re-align them to the ideals of the country’s liberation struggle.

The college has been described by government critics as an attempt by the Zanu-PF led authority to indoctrinate citizens through feeding them with the ruling party’s propaganda.

In a letter seen by ZimLive and addressed to senior executives, the Secretary for Health and Child Care, Air Commodore Jasper Chimedza said some health professionals have shown interest in taking up the controversial training.

“It is noted that some members of staff have requested to be trained in Ideology at Chitepo School of Ideology.

“In view of the above, you are please requested to liaise with Chitepo School of Ideology regarding training logistics and update this office,” reads the letter.

Doctors and nurses have emerged as a restive constituency within the country’s public workforce, often calling for strikes over poor wages and unfavourable working conditions.

The scheme, announced on August 18, appears voluntary but Zanu PF has been known to punish civil servants who don’t participate in its programmes, including exclusion from census or elections.