A helicopter belonging to the Air Force of Zimbabwe has crashed and burnt at a house on Gardner Road in Ruwa just east of Harare close to Ariel Primary School on Tarisa Road, killing at least four  people.
Witnesses say a Black Thunder helicopter crashed in Pioneer road near Mapfeni dam Goromomonzi and all who were aboard were burnt beyond recognition.

The flying bird reportedly dropped on top of a house and some of the occupants died when the house caught fire.

Sources say, “there were four (4) people aboard, 3 males and one (1) female. The lady is the one who can be identified.”

A witnesses also said:

Tasvika tine almost 7 fire extiguishecrs takakwanisa kuudzima tichibatsirwa nemalocals mabuckets emvura. Vose four vafa no survivor takwanisa kuona kamwana kadiki sucking age kakuvara zvakaipisisa. Helicopter dzava2 neine Red Cross sign. [We arrived with at least 7 fire extinguishers to quench the fire with the help of the local people who were using buckets to pour water. All four who were aboard died, no survovor. We only saw a very young kid who sustained serious injuries. There are two helicopters involved now with another one which has a Red Cross sign.