A tragic incident unfolded involving Zhanna Samsonova, a vegan influencer, who embarked on a diet consisting solely of raw fruit. Prior to her passing, she posted a poignant message on social media, expressing her belief that life was meaningless. On July 21, she tragically died, and while friends claimed it was due to starvation, the official cause of death has not been disclosed yet.

Zhanna, also known as Zhanna D’Art, was a Russian national renowned for providing dietary advice as she traveled the world. She had relocated from Russia to Sri Lanka, where she adopted a highly restrictive tropical fruit diet, comprising fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, smoothies, and juices for four years.

Concerns about her health and diet arose among her friends when she appeared exhausted during her stay in Sri Lanka. Some were genuinely worried about her well-being, and one friend, who lived nearby, even attempted to persuade her to seek medical help, but unfortunately, she did not make it.

Zhanna’s mother, Vera Samsonova, revealed that she had contracted a “cholera-like infection” shortly before she was scheduled to return home.

The late influencer was passionate about promoting raw food veganism and had great pride in her self-created recipes, aiming to inspire people to adopt healthier eating habits. She claimed that her diet of raw fruits and other items had transformed her body and mind over time, and she expressed satisfaction with her younger appearance in comparison to her peers who consumed more processed and unhealthy foods.

Despite the concerns surrounding her restrictive diet, some of her devoted followers refuse to believe that her eating choices were the cause of her death. Instead, they speculate that chemicals in the fruits she consumed might have played a role.

Zhanna’s family is currently awaiting a medical report and death certificate to ascertain the official cause of her untimely demise. This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a balanced and nourishing diet, as extreme dietary practices can lead to severe health consequences.