A former cabinet minister has lashed out at the poll-governing Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), after authorities at the controversy-ridden state institution demanded for proof on ‘how they rig elections’ in the country, saying this was typical of a witch who challenges his victims to ‘prove how he bewitches them’.

This was said by fugitive ex-Zanu PF cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo, while responding to calls for the provision of ‘rigging proof’ from those who accused the body of rigging the elections, which were uttered by Zec Spokesperson Jasper Mangwana while addressing political parties that converged for a youth caucus peace-building meeting hosted by 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation in Harare yesterday.

In his address at the meeting on Monday, Mangwana (below) claimed that Zec did not have control over the pre-electoral campaign environment in the landlocked southern African nation and blamed the youths for voter apathy.

“There seems to be voter apathy among youths because you are the same people who want to be voted for. One day you go to your constituency and say vote for me, and the next day you say the election was rigged. Do you expect that young person to take you seriously?  Do you really think that young person will go to a voter registration center and say I have come to register to vote?”

And, in his response to a NewsDay article carrying Mangwana’s sentiments, Professor Moyo said the issue was not about ‘whether they rig, but how they rig’ the polls during elections.

“PROVE HOW WE RIG”, ZEC @NewsDayZimbabwe 10/5/22. This is a major @ZECzim concession, @mangwana_jasper very big; the issue is no longer whether but how you rig. It’s akin to a witch who challenges victims of his witchcraft to prove how he bewitches them!” said Moyo.

The now fugitive minister, who is a rabid critic of the Harare administration left Zimbabwe in a huff after the dramatic ascendancy of current president Emmerson Mnangagwa who replaced late former president Robert Mugabe in a November 2017 coup.

Alongside Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao and Saviour Kasukuwere, Moyo was believed to be a key member of the now vanquished G40, a Zanu PF cabal that viciously fought against Mnangagwa’s successional aspirations.

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe was the face of the cabal, with some even suggesting that the late dictator’s wife was also eyeing the country’s Number One political post.