The ruling party ZANU PF it is in the process of having its just elected Youth Executive sent to the Chitepo School of Ideology for orientation.

The party’s National Political Commissar, Mike Bimha announced this during a press briefing held this afternoon.

He said this is the part’s first press conference after the youth elective conference held last week.

“Let me now give you the names of those who succeeded,” said Bimha adding that the position of Secretary is appointed by His Excellency so the position remain vacant:

Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, John Paradza
Secretary for Adminstration, Tendai Chiwetu
Secretary for Finance, Garikai Zonde
Secretary for Commisariat, Tsungai Makumbe
Secretary for External Affairs, Valeria Makonza
Secretary for Security, Tubelihle Ncube.

Secretary for Transport, lnnocent Dube
Secretary for Information, Phippa Mukono
Secretary Legal, Phenious Makombe
Secretary for Indigenisation, Magaret Nyerere
Secretary for Production, Mcdonald Mungo
Secretary for Health and Child Care, Luckmore Gapa.

Secretary for Economic Affairs, Admire Ndlovu
Secretary for Education, Shepherd Marime
Secretary for Gender and culture, Naledi Maunganidze
Secretary for Disabled, Future Mhlanga
Secretary for Lands, Nommatter Topotsa
Secretary for ICT, Munashe Mututsa.

Secretary for Business Development, Munashe Mabika
Secretary for Environment and Tourism, Batsira Matiza

Deputy for Admin, Danmore Mambondiani
Deputy secretary for finance, Calvin Chauke
Deputy secretary for commissariat, Taurai Kundishaya.

Deputy secretary for external Affairs, Charity Ndhlovhu
Deputy secretary for security, Tendai Pinduka
Deputy secretary for transport, Linda Chinamano.
Deputy secretary for information, Patience Chishumba.
Deputy secretary for legal Affairs, Kudakwashe Manhanzwa.

Deputy sec for indeginasation,Sokalisile Ndhlovhu.
Deputy sec for Production,Tawanda Mudowo.
Deputy sec for health and child care,Abigail Maringweni. Vusimuzi Manjonjo
Deputy sec for education, Oman Ndlovhu.
Deputy sec for gender and culture, Onismo Zvandaziva.

Deputy sec for disabled, Vusimusi Moyo.
Deputy sec for lands, Beatrice Kamuche.
Deputy sec for science and tech, Auxilia Dhanzi.
Deputy sec for business development, Thabo Twala.
Deputy sec for environment and tourism, Tsitsi Taomei.
Blessing Mutomba committee member.