ZAPU, together with some members of late Vice President Joshua Nkomo’s family, has once again called for the exhumation of the late nationalist’s remains from the National Heroes Acre in Harare, saying he must be buried alongside his kinsmen in Kezi, as per his request before he died, Citezw reports.

Apparently, calls for Nkomo’s exhumation grew louder following the death of the former president, Robert Mugabe in 2019, who was buried at his rural home in Zvimba.

This came after his family ‘strongly’ resisted calls by the government to have him interred at the national shrine.

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s regime even went as far as building a mausoleum hoping to bury Mugabe there, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, addressing gathering recently, ZAPU President and Nkomo’s son, Sibangilizwe, highlighted that his father had expressed a wish to be buried at his rural home in Kezi.

“People have asked me how I feel about Joshua Nkomo at the heroes’ acre. It is painful knowing that your parent was buried where he didn’t want.

“I was outnumbered when I refused that he be buried at the National Heroes Acre as per his request.

“This is why I need your help because you knew he didn’t want to be buried there,” said Nkomo.

Speaking in an interview on the sidelines of Dumiso Dabengwa’s commemoration, Nkomo told Citezw:

“Yes, I can apply as his son through the Ministry of Home Affairs (to exhume him) but it’s up to the people to emphasise that they want him removed from that place, I cannot do it alone.

“It’s only the people that can make sure they don’t want Nkomo resting with thieves, liars and all sorts.”

Yesterday, Nkomo took time to remember late ZAPU President Dabengwa who died on the 23rd of May 2019, having revived the party.

“Yesterday, together with the family of President Dabengwa, we spent the day by his grave commemorating his life and reflecting on lessons derived from it.

“Dumiso Dabengwa can never die. His legacy is safe,” he said.