Outspoken Norton Independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa urges the ruling party ZANUP-PF to work hard if it is to reclaim its traditional strongholds which he says are now under from siege agents of change.

Apparently, ZANUP-PF has over the years banked on rural areas to win votes, but Mliswa says the dynamics have changed and the goal posts have shifted.

According to Mliswa, the now disgruntled youths who used to dominate urban areas where ZANUP-PF has been struggling to win votes have now been pushed to rural areas as unemployment rates rise.

“Another aspect that ZANU-PF should note, is because of the high unemployment rate, many youths have reluctantly found their way back to their rural homes.

“It’s here, a traditional ZANU-PF stronghold, where disgruntled youth speak negatively of the party they feel let them down,” says Mliswa.

He adds that these disgruntled youths now back in rural areas are going to advise their parents not to vote for ZANUP-PF.

“In their disappointment, they advise those back home not to vote for ZANUPF.

“How will ZANU-PF counter that? It’s interesting,” he adds.

Mliswa points out how the youths are going to be the game changer in the coming elections.

“These youths are educated, urbanised opinion makers; I’ve talked with many and heard this dissent. It’s a huge demographic of game changers,” he says.