Zanu PF youths are reportedly eyeing exiled Zhuwao‘s farm after it emerged that he might be in exile for a very long time, sources say.

Zhuwao was at one point reportedly quoted to have said he will not set foot in Zimbabwe because his security was not guaranteed.

The youths have taken his absence as a reason his farm should be redistributed.

A Zanu PF youth official Tendai Chirau said:

He is one of the absentee farmers and his farm must immediately be allocated to those who can put the land to productive use.

We are pushing to enforce the ruling party resolutions on land redistribution. The first priority should be given to the youths. Multiple farm ownership is a problem and the bulk of the farms are lying idle yet we have youths who can turn these into productive use.

We are convinced that his family (Zhuwao) is not doing enough on the land; it is not being utilised to its full capacity as expected.