One of presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s campaign team leaders Ali Naka has disclosed that the same ZANU PF vehicles distributing President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s campaign materials during the day are also distributing Kasukuwere’s campaign posters at night.

“Emerson’s undoing is thinking that he is fighting Kasukuwere alone. Whilst ZANU PF vehicles distribute his posters by day, at night the same vehicles are distributing Kasukuwere Posters!”

Apparently, speaking at press conference this afternoon, Kasukuwere hinted that ZANU PF vehicles are doing a very good job for him.

He however could not elaborate more on what type of a job are the ZANU PF trucks for him.

“I am in direct contact with the Rural voters daily and the Zanu pf trucks are also doing a very good job,” he said.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the remnants of the Generation 40 currently in ZANU PF are secretly working with Kasukuwere.

Speaking, at one point Kasukuwere’s campaign team chairperson Walter Mzembi said Mnangagwa is being haunted by the G40 element which he failed to address.

He said by forcing G40 members out of the party, Mnangagwa set a time bomb which will consume later.