The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed the arrest of Trymore Tapfumanei (32) on 13/07/23 for fraud involving E-Creator ponzi scheme.

The suspect is one of the directors of E-Creator.

The arrest of Tapfumanei comes few hours after the arrest of a Chinese national Zhao Jiaotong another E-Creator ponzi scheme boss.

The police confirmed the development in a press statement seen by this publication which reads, “The Zimbabwe Republic police confirms the arrest of Zhao Jiaotong (39) in connection with a car of fraudin which unsuspecting members of the public were duped through E – Creator ponzi scheme.

The police is inviting members of the public who might have been duped through E-Creator to any nearest police station.

We continue to implore members of the public to exercise due deligence before making any payment to ponzi or pyramid schemes purportedly offering quick investments returns”.

The scheme collapsed last week leaving people clueless where to claim their money and the E- Creator accounts frozen.