Former ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu says the ruling party needs Generation 40 (G40) and members it expelled if it dreams of gaining lost ground.

Zivhu, the self-styled President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s chief supporter says if Citizens Coalition for Change and G40 come together, this would spell doom for ZANU PF, hence the need to bring back former members.

He says ZANU PF should bring back the likes of Temba Mliswa, Ray Kaukonde, Saviour Kasukuwere Walter Mzembi and Jonathan Moyo.

“CCC, G40 , Gamatokisi ne povo, vakabatana vanozunza musika, tinenge taparara guys, panoda Zanu yakare iya, dzosayi vana Mliswa, Kasukuwere, Muzembi, Kaukonde, Jonathan Moyo and others, kwete kuzvishingisa nhemha somunhu waita running stomach while in a bus,” he says.

Zivhu is on record lambasting opposition parties who get in bed with opponents. Others are even dining with the ruling party, and yet claim to be opposition parties.

“We have one ruling and one opposition Party in Zimbabwe, the rest are useless and non-existent, makambovonepi kuti an opposition leader, anopiwa motor nomunhu waanoda kutotera position, sezvana Madhuku and other useless guys, they made history for being another man’s puppies,” he says.